About the Dog-Friendly Association of Ireland

The Dog-Friendly Association of Ireland (DFAI) is a community of businesses interested in Ireland becoming more dog-friendly.

Our objectives include:
  • Provide reference material for businesses that are or would like to be responsibly dog-friendly
  • Develop community and collaboration between dog-friendly businesses
  • Lobby for better dog-friendly policies
  • Promote dog-friendly businesses
For more details please see our About Us page. More information on why more businesses should become dog-friendly is available on the Benefits page, and reasons you may wish to join the DFAI are outlined here.

Membership is free to all Irish businesses or organisations (whether they are dog-friendly or not), and offers access to our shared knowledge base of policies and practices from some of Ireland's most experienced dog-friendly firms. To apply, simply complete the registration form here.

While membership is not open to individuals, those who are interested can sign up to receive dog-friendly news from Pupp, or head over to WoofAdvisor for reviews, tips, and more. Email addresses are not shared between members or other organisations.