About DFAI

What Does The DFAI Do?

The Dog-Friendly Association of Ireland is a community of businesses interested in Ireland becoming more dog-friendly. We promote and support dog-friendly businesses, and help companies consider and understand the implications of being dog-friendly.

A few of our key objectives:

  • Provide reference material for businesses that are or would like to be responsibly dog-friendly
  • Develop community and collaboration between dog-friendly businesses
  • Lobby for better dog-friendly policies
  • Promote dog-friendly businesses

What Do We Mean By Dog-Friendly?

Dog-friendly businesses, whether they are hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, offices, or any other organisation, understand the needs of dog owners and their pets. They tailor their polices (and sometimes facilities) to help welcome dog owners. The DFAI promotes responsible dog-friendly businesses that actively consider the implications of allowing dogs on the premises, and adhere to the social and legal requirements of doing so.

Why Be Dog-Friendly?

As studies have proven (see Benefits of Being Dog-Friendly for more detail), there are plenty of physical and psychological benefits to owning a dog. Being dog-friendly can also benefit businesses.

The rise in dog-friendly establishments has revealed a huge demand in Ireland, and can be a great promotional asset to attract new customers or employees. Dogs are also a fantastic social lubricant, and create a unique atmosphere in dog-friendly venues or offices

Who's Involved In The DFAI?

The Dog-Friendly Association of Ireland was created by the team at Pupp, Dublin's dog-friendly cafe and boutique. For more information on Pupp, check out www.Pupp.ie.

Details of some of our other members are available on our Members page. If you're interested in dog-friendly places to visit it's a great place to start.

If you'd like to become part of the DFAI please visit the "Why Join The DFAI" page, or drop us a note using the contact form on the right.